Alphabet Soup: Taking Photots of the Alphabet

After a comment on my post asking If I was going to do Alphabet soup again this year. I thought I would bring together all the previous posts so you can remind yourself of what we achieved last year.

I think maybe I will try and do it again in March. I will let you know when I have finalised some plans. Please do browse through the old posts, and remind yourself how incredible some of the photos were.


Alphabet Soup 2.0 (Social)

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Alphabet Soup 1.0

The Story So Far in Alphabet Soup :

Alphabet Soup: A Half Explaination, and Experiment
Day 1 / A: MK II. A isn't for Apple
Day 2 / B: B isn't for ball, balloon, or bird. Not bus, bike or boat.
Day 3 / C: C isn't for cats, or cars. Its for diggers and smugness??
Day 4 / D: D isn't for Dogs, Ducks, Dynamite, or Des Lynam
Day 5 / E: E is for Near Calamity & An Exam
Day 6 / F: F isn't for Frogs, but it IS for French, kind of.
Day 7 / G: G is for Gambling and Gay Games
Day 8 / H : H is for water and friendship.
Day 9 / I: I is for Ice Bar.
Day 10 / J: J is for Disappointment
Day 11 / K: K is not for kites.
Day 12 / L: L is for Leftovers fit for Lions
Day 13 / M: M is for Mysteries of Kinds
Day 14 / N: N is for Laziness
Day 15 / O: O is not for Oranges
Day 16 / P: P is for CAKE
Day 17 / Q: Q is for Quarters
Day 18 / R: R is for Roof that’s leaking.
Day 19 / S: S is for Scoresheet
Day 20 / T: T is for Tea
Day 21 / U: U is not for Umbrella
Day 22 / V: V is for Vendetta
Day 23 / W: W is for Wasting Days
Day 24 / X: X isn't for X-Ray
Day 25 / Y: Yearning for new projects
Day 26 / Z: Z is for Zebra in the Zoo

Top 3 TV Series Boxsets

I have found a new distraction! Boxsets. I have found a couple of series that I reccomend to help distract you!!!


I have watched every episode of House M.D. It is about Dr House (Hugh Laurie) who is insanely clever and can save just about anyone from dying, so long as it interests him. He is a diagnostic practioner and is obnoxious, rude sarcastic, but brilliant.

His long suffering team help him solve peoples medical mysteries and it all makes for one of the best wastes of time available. I reccomend you preorder series 1-5 now. With about 24 episodes a series, this will keep you ntertained for weeks.

House - Season 1-5 [DVD]


Adrian Monk was a brilliant detective for the San Francisco Police Department until his wife, Trudy, was killed by a car bomb in a parking garage, which Monk believed was intended for him. Trudy's death led Monk to suffer a nervous breakdown and he was discharged from the force, becoming a recluse, refusing to leave his house for over three years. He was finally able to leave the house with the help of his nurse, Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram). The breakthrough allowed him to work as a private detective and a consultant for the homicide unit despite retaining limitations rooted in his obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), which had grown significantly worse after the tragedy.

Monk's compulsive habits are numerous, and a number of phobias compound his situation, such as his fear of germs. Monk has 312 fears, some of which are milk, ladybugs, harmonicas, heights, imperfection, and risk.

I've just bought Monk Seasons 1-6 [DVD]. I would totally reccomend it, at such a ridiculously low price, it will keep you entertained for hours. Again it is the same kind of premise, a detective who is a little bit strange and solves cases other people would never be able to. I really dig this style of television series.


The show began in the year 2005, and tells the story of a series of case files, solved by an unlikely alliance between Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan's (Emily Deschanel) forensic anthropology team at the Jeffersonian Institution (a thinly veiled allusion to the Smithsonian Institution) and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz). By examining the human remains of the murder victims, Dr. Brennan and her team provide scientific expertise and an outsider's perspective to the world of criminal investigation to the FBI. In addition to the murder cases featured in each episode, the series explores the backgrounds and relationships of the major characters including the developing friendship and possibly romantic relationship between Brennan and Booth. The series has comedic undertones.

Again with about 24 episodes each this is an incredible deal and the storylines just get better and better throughout the series' as the characters get devoloped: Bones - Season 1-3 - Complete [DVD] [2005]

What I have been upto

I have decided to take on the mammoth task of learning a new language.

And not just an easy one for a westener. I decided to learn Mandarin.

I have also set up an accompanying blog here, I aim it to become a community based site which will have a whole range of topics included and a wealth of information.

Been a thinking

Its been a wihle since i have posted.


I have a serious problem with wasting my time.

Often its computer games, sometimes it is films, and new TV series. Sometimes it is chasing things that arent out of reach, but persauding others that a university student can do a competent job is proving hard.

My housemate an I have been trying to become a little more serious about our company. And in the coming times i do hope to post a little more about this, SEO and web design marketing company.

Our first client has proved very useful in terms of experimenting. And we can't wait to unveil their new site and branding. Hoping when the site goes live next week, that it hits the top of the google searchs as hoped.

Anyway, for now, no silly projects, and I realised today I traiped round London tubes in the evening there is yet another project that was started with enthusiasm, but so little conviction as yet. The summer proives to decide whether i can make something of myself. Finish this project as well as starting to pick up my business.

More to come soon. I Promise.

Megatron v. Obama Mashup - Change

To celebrate Transformers 2 being advertised in local cinemas and Obama's 100 Days. I bring you...

Alphabet Soup 2.0 : W, X, Y, Z

These are the remaining letters in Alphabet Soup sorry about the long long wait for these.

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My Picture of the Day : W is for Water

Delphine's Picture of the Day : W is for Winding Staircase

Charlotte's Picture of the Day : W is for Well Done! and Webb Family

Rob's Picture of the Day : W is for Whisky

Lisa's Picture of the Day : W is for Whisky

Loca For Craft's Picture for the Day : W is for Washcloths

Delphine's Picture of the Day : X is for Xmas Card

Charlottes Picture of the Day : X is for Xray

Rob's Picture of the Day : X is for X-factor Comic

Lisa's Picture of the Day : X is for Xerophyte

Delphine's Picture of the Day : Y is for Yucca Plant

Charlotte's Picture of the Day : Y is [also] for Yucca Plant

Rob's Picture of the Day : Y is for Yin Yang

Lisa's Picture of the Day : Y is for Yellow Chick

My Picture of the Day : Z is Zip

Delphine's Picture of the Day :Z is for Zero Energy

Charlotte's PIcture of the Day : Z is for Zero Days Left

Rob's Picture of the Day : Z is for Zipper

Lisa's Picture of the Day : Z is for Zany

Alphabet Soup 2.0 : V

So after a little while, i am returning to finish off this project, and it is definatley worth it, in the interim i have learnt a huge amount about the internet and hope to be back now, and do this blogging thing a little bit better.

This isthe remaining letters in Alphabet Soup sorry about the long long wait for these.

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My Picture of the Day : V is for Vase

Scotts Picture of the Day : V is for Vadai Curry

Jenny H's Picture of the day : V is for Vacating the premises

V is for Vulture

V is for a Variety [of things]