Alphabet Soup : Day 20 / T: T is for Tea, Coffee and Seeing Friends

Today i left bed late, and didn't achieve very much initially, letting my breakfast burn in the toaster as i ran out the door to catch my train. I am gutted about the lack of respect i gave to those crumpets. I salute you.

Today, i had intended on going to the circus to get a Trapeze artist, or something exciting, but i had arranged to meet up with my friend Row and her Boyfriend, Nathan. I had only seen Row once in the last year, and the last time we had hung out before that we had unsuccesfully invaded Totnes Castle. So i was excited to see what mischief we might get to.

Inevitably though, meeting outside a cold tube station, the first thoughts spurred to a coffee shop. I tried a cinnamon chai, which was surprisingly good, and an ameretto coffee which came with a marzipan tasting biscuity, whilst conversation let us catch up on our years, and introduced me to Nathan, a snowboard instructor, and seemingly a well rounded, level headed guy that has travelled a fair amount.

It was fun to also find out that Jenni's friend Emma, is good friends with Rowan's best friend, Amber. Which just makes the world seem even smaller. After getting home from the various trains from Harrow to Wycombe, i had no choice but make cups of Tea to warm up my hands from the chilly outdoors.

Due to various camera faults, and problems planning, this is my picture of the day taken back at home after warming my hands up, and fixing my camera [putting new batteries in]. I am also wearing my favourite new outfit that got bought in the sales yesterday. WHOOP!

Charlie's Picture of the Day : T is for Tea.

Simple as that really, not ingenius, not clever, but really quite a summary of my day. This for me signifies the time i had in Harrow, with Row, her Boyfriend Nathan and Jenni. A quite wonderful catch up and meet session, that ended with us grabbing a quick bite in a generic spicy chicken restaurant chain called Nando's, whoever he is...

This is much more than a cup of tea, it is about the friendship that i hope we can re-kindle and see more of each other in the coming year. I still haven't written my new years goals down, but one will certainly be about the time i spend with people i care about.

Until tomorrow, where i will try not to get a picture of me and an Umbrella. :)

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