Alphabet Soup : Day 16 / P: P is for CAKE

Well, kind of. This 'P' is actually for one of the few Christmas time things that i do still do every year whatever anyone says or does. I buy a sweet Italian Bread, that has bits of dried fruit baked in it, Sultanas, and candied orange and lemons, it is wonderful, it has a deliciously light fluffy texture and is easily devourable.

The name for such a cake is why i am able to enjoy cake as my letter P. I enjoy it served with double cream poured all over and quickly eaten up.

Charlie's Picture of the Day: P is for Panettone (pronounced : Pan- eH - toh - Neh)

It has quickly dissapeared, now less than half remains, but i may buy another one before everywhere stops selling them again. The history of the cake dates back from the Roman times, and is generally accepted to have been 'given birth to' in Milan. It is a sweet bread, originally probably sweetened with honey.

The word "panettone" derives from the Italian word "panetto", a small loaf bread. The augmentative Italian suffix "-one" changes the meaning to "large bread". Although there is a legend behind the bread, and the inventor, as to being called Toni's bread.

"It was Christmas and the court cook had no dessert to offer. So the guests were given a sweet bread baked by a mere kitchen boy, called Toni, which won general praise. Rather than steal the praise for himself, the cook congratulated his assistant and named it after him."

Either way, its interesting, and i enjoy folklore and the way things change through word of mouth. Apparently you can get these panettone stuffed with chocolate chips, figs, almonds, cream or even lemon liqueur or limoncello. Some of which seem more appealing than others. :)

Tonight we actually had pasta bake in honour of 'P' and it was fantastic too, a nice thick layer of bubbling cheese on top, it was so yummy, i had to eat it up as quick as possible, so i only photographed the remains of it, which will probably be nibbled at later tonight.

Chicken, peppers, and lots of pasta and cheeeese. Awesomeness. Also today some of the presents i bought came, which made me smile. Lots of P's in a great day.

Here is to the New Year, i hope 2009 brings you everything you desire and deserve. Perserverence pays dividends, so work hard, play harder and enjoy the close and opening to a new year.


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