Alphabet Soup 2.0 : U

The first of the last six, tricky letters, in our February's Alphabet Soup

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This is actually quite a sad story about someone, I feel I have gotten to know a little bit over the last three weeks. So i thought I'd post it here above everyone else's. I hope Rose, you don't mind me doing this.

Rose's Story of the Day : U is for Unprepared to lose Maggie

My Picture of the Day : U is for Unopen Eyes and Unibrow

Lisa's Picture of the Day : U is for Unexpected

Rob's Picture of the Day : U is for Uni-Corn

Loca for Crafts Picture of the Day : U is for UFOs Un-Finished Objects.

Jenna's Picture of the Day : U is for Usual Happenings in the Musical Dept.

Naomi's Picture of the Day : U is for Unbelievably Unoriginal Umbrella.

Scott's picture of the Day : U is for Usal

Noel's Picture of the Day : U is for Unacceptable

Jenny H's Picture of the Day : U is for Ubiquitous Unfortunlatley or Cheating :p

Charlotte's Picture of the Day : U is for Underneath

JafaBrit's Picture of the Day : U is for Under
(A tunnel in an aquarium so it would seem)

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hiay, mine if u for under at
and V for vulture at:

Here is our V

Love Jafabrit's picture and sorry about Maggie :(

Here is my v

Rose, sorry to hear about Maggie. Sending you big fat hugs

Guys, i have to thank you all again for such a lovely positive energy that you have created.

All my best wishes for you Rose. :)

I have to apologise about how terrible my updates have been, I am actually a terribly busy student despite my apparent extra time, and have been trying desperatly to scrape together a business plan for a social enterprise which i may talk about more, once it is finished and handed in for funding.

Rose, so sorry about your dog.

southwell, what sort of excuse is that, you have a life, ahem! don't worry about it :)

Apparently our leader feels I am cheating.
Granted my picture is a dull, unispiring, snap of an insidious corporation's logo, but it was taken on the day and did relate to my U word.
Cheat no, Rubbish picture yes

@ Rose

I'm sorry to hear about this tragic loss, I got tears in my eyes by reading your story. All the best wishes!

@ Jenny

Wasnt having a go, more a cheeky remark. hehe. I still find it fasinating what people are coming up with.

I promise to have a big upload session and catch back up, but have become ridiculously busy.

Here is our w


I think im running late - im only on W today ;(

We have our X up. That was a challenge.

My X is up too :)

Here's y

My Y

I can't believe the challenge is almost over.

Z, and we are done :)

U is for unfinished blog :) Hope you don't mind us jeering you a little, but u is also for upload :) We just noticed your new year's resolution, and we are trying to help you stick with it. Think of us as your demented cheerleaders :)

Today i am returing to finish off the blog challenge, i feel rather silly for having left it at this point looking back, as it was amazing but things just got too much at this end.