Alphabet Soup : Day 24 / X: X is for X is not for X-Ray

Now this apparently is a contraversial post, being that i have been accused of breaking the rules. [Adrian] I think it is a rather creative way to get around the fact that there is very little in the world that starts with X.

X-Rays are incredibly hard to get hold of due to radiation and fears that i will turn into a super-see-through piece of walking transparency, or soemthing should it bite me.

Xylophones only exist in schools to provide a visual aid to one of the most boring, and elusive letters in our alphabet.

I didn't want to photograph another console, as i actually despise it, I dislike the X-box for many reasons, primarily because i am terrible at it. but also felt it was a little too obvious.

So i settled with this creative excursion away from the letter X, in an admittedly terrible picture.

Charlie's Picture of the day : X is for X in Roman Numerals, and the Metric System.

So X. Meaning 10 in Roman numerals, was the first way of breaking things into tens, which is now standard across most of Europe, and a lot of the World. In terms od measuring anything, liquid, distance, monetary units, there is no escaping it.

Adam Hart-Davis would love me for this; This is what the Roman's did for us. They helped create amoung many other things [After stealing them from other sources] to standardise everything, make things fair and easy to understand wherever you are.

This is my 'X' Adrian, and i am confused as to why you dislike it so much, based on the fact if i'd come back with any of the above things, I am sure you'd be fairly dissapointed i'd been boring. So I thought I would be a little leftfield today. Make it interesting.

Hmmmmm. Point taken though, maybe i should have tried to photograph Xenophobia. Maybe next time.

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Day 24 / X: X isn't for X-Ray

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