Alphabet : Day 5 - E is for Near Calamity & An Exam

Today E caused some problems, whilst being the most common letter in the alphabet, us guys had an Exam (to revise for... tssssh yeah right??!!), and people are starting to think about going home for Christmas.

So please bear in mind the distractions, when i explain about the delays and i can only imagine what caused Jack's horrendous failure today. So much of a failure, he almost fell a day behind.

But i think if he gets up today, he might get back on track.

So today;

Charlie's Piture Of The Day : E is for Escalator

Tracey points out today, that its a bit of faux pas, taking a picture of myself on a escalator which is in fact going down, so not actually Escalating what so ever. Just goes to show, i should have taking the Elevator, not the Escalator after all.

Jack's Picture of the Day: E is for Entrapment

I mean, its funny, genuinely funny, but it also pains me to think that Jack just isnt taking this seriously, although i like his interpretation of abstract ideas (read cheating) instead of physical items. But this isnt even a photo... Nor is it really entrapment. I think Jack would admit this is a failure. Bless him.

Today housemate Craig left for Christmas in Thailand, the plucky bastard. Welshy and Bennett are still here, and causing mess. Thanks guys, Happy Christmas to you too... I couldnt bear to take pictures of them today. So instead, i took Jenni my girlfriend to the cinema to watch Lakeview Terrace.

Its one of the few films, which has genuine awkwardness and a real tension between the characters. Themes including Racism, but from the Black perspective, and a corrupt Policeman some of the most chilling scenes ive witnessed. Purely because it could so happen, some horror films are a bit far fetched and place themselves in fantasty. But Samuel L Jackson's Character is really menacing, and entirely possible in this world.

Tomorrow is F. And as chance be having it, I am due to be in Fulham. Should be easy. Let's hope Jack wakes up and doesnt fail to show for F and G.

Back Story :

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