Alphabet Soup : Day 8 / H : H is for water and friendship. Certainly not Hippos. Hungry or not.

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All my housemates left me alone today, though Bennett's mum gave me some electric money, coupled with my contribution should see me through the bleak winter. :D

This however did leave me craving company. and i found it in the companionable Henry Hoover. Don't worry though. I didn't go as far as this man (Thanks Tom for the link, you weird weird boy.)

Charlie's Picture Of the day : H is for Hanging out with Henry Hoover

Jack however still presumably immersed in his little cottage haven, hooked us up with this fantastic picture, probably just as lonely as me, he dedcided to drink away his problems.

Jack's Picture of the day : H is for Hydromania.... hydromaniac.... or just happily hydrated

Today was fantastic, despite failings of technology more than once. Electric dying, and reincarnating. Internet not liking me, then uploading pictures after all. Train ticket machines messing up so i missed the train to my girlfriends house for roast (having to wait an hour on a freezing platform).

Luckily though, they waited for me and it was awesome!! A fantastic welcome (it was the first proper time ive met the parents) A fantastic meal, and even a really great attempt at my favourite dessert.

Followed by hugs and film, there aren't many days that are better than this. SMILES!!!!!!

As a side note, how good is 'Night at the Museum'? First time i'd ever seen it, but reminds me of the great 80s and 90s films, really work as kids films, and has extra depth with adults. Such a warm fuzzy feeling at the end too, though that may have been the hugs.

See you tomorrow for an AWESOME 'I'


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