Alphabet Soup: A isn't for Apple : v.2

So Day 1 : We decided that as the rules were going to be us taking photos that we should start again. We now have to take the picture for the letter of the day, and it’s obviously better if it’s mildly amusing. GAME ON.

Charlie's Picture of the day : A is for Android.

devoid of all emotion but glee, me, that is Charlie, poses as an android, with foil and an antennae. I didn’t want it to be simple just to have the areal.

Jack's Entry : A is for ArctiClean thermal surface purifier

All I can imagine that was going through Jack's head was. 'What don’t I have to leave my bedroom for', as he scanned his room for anything beginning with A. He barely leaves his room, and only then if he has run out of cigarettes and if it's not cold.

So I bet he got out of bed to find his camera, then got back in and rummaged through a box of stuff until he came up with this. Fair play to the boy, it made me laugh. What the fuck is thermal interface material anyway?

All I can think about now, is how Tom still hasn’t given me his entry for the day. He surely cannot have failed on Day 1.

Now onto B...

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ROFL McWOFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GREAT post lol

thanks... i think. stay tuned.

Do NOT tell me what to do.

would i dream of such things?

what are you going to do? send me mildly amusing emails?


i enjoyed a quick meander around your blog, though tired of the fact there were no seven legged spiders produced for non payed utility bills or other such creative forms.

im sure more creativity will ensue just to prove me wrong.

do you have problems with authority? per chance... :)

thermal interface is a heatsink

Jack you are a geek.