Alphabet Soup : Day 7 - G is for Gambling and Gay Games NOT Gates or gardens as you may have been told.

Today i realised that if you are new to this blog and find this post by accident, then you wont have a clue what is going on. I think if you read THIS post first it should help you understand it a little bit. Otherwise those of you returning are all good to carry on reading.

So today which is Satuday... (believe it or not) A week into this challenge. The last of my housemates are filtering away, and somehow we have let the electric run out of credit on our meter, and so are plunged into eternal darkness (until the sun gets up) and no ability to have coffee or crumpets without leaving the house. MOST depressing.

Last night me and the guys played poker, hence todays posting, and not the cheating i took the day before which i will show below, but was tempted to put up anyway.

Charlie's Picture of the day : G is for Gambling

Jack being at home in his little cottage, couldnt even escape out of bed to find anything due to being asleeeeeep. AGAIN. he did however find this beauty, though i'm fairly unsure of the grounds of his lettering system. His adjective is questionable too.

Jack's Picture of the Day : G is for Gayest Game Ever : Real life interactive 3D Super Cricket!!!

Wowzer.... how incredibly boring does that sound. hehe.

looks like subbuteo for complete weirdos.

Here is the picture i was going to cheat with (having taken it a day early) but decided against it...

Large Gasworks in Fulham.. pretty? no?

See you tomorrrrow for H, when Jack may or may not get out of bed.

Back Story :

Alphabet Soup: A Half Explaination, and Experiment

Day 1 / A: MK II. A isn't for Apple

Day 2 / B: B isn't for ball, balloon, or bird. Not bus, bike or boat.

Day 3 / C: C isn't for cats, or cars. Its for diggers and smugness??

Day 4 / D: D isn't for Dogs, Ducks, Dynamite, or Des Lynam

Day 5 / E: E is for Near Calamity & An Exam

Day 6 / F: F isn't for Frogs, but it IS for French, kind of.

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