Alphabet Soup : Day 21 / U: U is not for Umbrella

Today was a bit of a cop out, i spent all day tidying my bedroom, then rearranging it completely, with the help of non other than my cleansing angel, Jenni who calmed me down when i got frustrated with it. but now it much happier atmospherically, and even if the housemates are back making noise, the zen has been at least partially restored to my room.

So to be honest, i didn't spend much time thinking about alphabet, blog, or anything much at all really.

But here it is.

U is not for Umbrella.

Charlie's Picture of the Day: U is for Undo

For those not in the know, Cntrl [Control] + Z allows you to undo the last and presumably an 'unwanted' action on a computer.

It is a cop put completely, however it is better than an Umbrella, other ides for today, included uncorking, a bottle of wine and waving kitchen utensils around.

I feel this is much more constructive. For those of you with Macs.

I'm a PC. So there. I don't care. I like it. Tune in soon, for more letters, and the end of this practise run.

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Alphabet Soup: A Half Explaination, and Experiment
Day 1 / A: MK II. A isn't for Apple
Day 2 / B: B isn't for ball, balloon, or bird. Not bus, bike or boat.
Day 3 / C: C isn't for cats, or cars. Its for diggers and smugness??
Day 4 / D: D isn't for Dogs, Ducks, Dynamite, or Des Lynam
Day 5 / E: E is for Near Calamity & An Exam
Day 6 / F: F isn't for Frogs, but it IS for French, kind of.
Day 7 / G: G is for Gambling and Gay Games
Day 8 / H : H is for water and friendship.
Day 9 / I: I is for Ice Bar.
Day 10 / J: J is for Disappointment
Day 11 / K: K is not for kites.
Day 12 / L: L is for Leftovers fit for Lions
Day 13 / M: M is for Mysteries of Kinds
Day 14 / N: N is for Laziness
Day 15 / O: O is not for Oranges
Day 16 / P: P is for CAKE
Day 17 / Q: Q is for Quarters
Day 18 / R: R is for Roof thats leaking.
Day 19 / S: S is for Scoresheet
Day 20 / T: T is for Tea
Day 21 / U: U is not for Umbrella

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