Alphabet Soup : Day 4 - D is not for Dogs, Ducks, Dynamite, or Des Lynam

The day started off well, with cuddles, coffee and apple crumble. But i felt this was far to full of remanant C's from yesterday. Especially upon remembering i own a COWBELL, and didnt make that the C. So obvious. Gutted.

Anyway, i got Jack some work through a contact, to make a website better and stuff, and as payment made him goto the shop to get me a Double Decker. This did mean he was up at an ungodly hour of 11:30am. He woke up before it got dark again. I was mildly worried he would submit D for Daylight.


This was fantastic, as i set about sorting the rest of my day out. I had an interview which went brilliantly, (i find out on Monday if i was successful). Christmas shopping went distasterously, and revision equally so.

Anyway the bit i hope and presume your all waiting for:

Charlie's Picture of the day: D is for Dropped & Dented Dartboard

Jack's Picture of The Day : D is for Dr Pepper and Duck Tape.

Technically its actually parcel tape, but ill let him off, hes kind of tidied up a bit.

Todays Housemate watch (Which is the new title of this section until Sunday, when they all leave me) goes somthing like this: instead of revising for tomorrows exam, these two are sat in the living room playing X-Box. Bennett still hasnt submitted any photos, he really isnt in this contest for the long haul. He is sporting the latest clothing from his company. The delivery man who brought the new stock was from TNT. He was a little surprised as i sang "YOUR T-N-T! YOUR DYNAMITE!" as i opened the door. (i saw his van pull up) Thanks AC/DC. I really wished i'd got apicture with him for D. Delivery man. Another day, another wish.

It's a bloody mess isn't it.


Oh and here's the cowbell as added value for yesterday.

Catch you tomorrow for some E Loving.

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