Alphabet Soup : Day 26 / Z : Z is for Zebra at the Zoo

So today is the end of this particular project and today I ended it standing in London, as it started to snow, hunting down the elusive London Zebra.

I found cave paintings of one, on a fence.

Along the way, I found this SCARY tiger, growling in the cold, waiting for its dinner:

A big monitor lizard, just kinda sitting there:

Some cute Alpacas, chomping away in their big woolly coats, I want me a jumper. Nevertheless, these are not Zebras:

These are the same colours as Zebras, but these aren’t them either...

Here is a cheeky Otter:

And here he is with some friends, it’s like feeding time at the zoo... ah... :

This is the closest to a zebra I've seen so far, you little scamp you, stealing a zebras legs;


It was a little chilly, and all the animals stayed indoors, but you know, Zebras aren't supposed to be out in the ice and snow. But imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and out of nowhere.... I found this amazing two-headed specimen of Zebra


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Day 5 / E: E is for Near Calamity & An Exam
Day 6 / F: F isn't for Frogs, but it IS for French, kind of.
Day 7 / G: G is for Gambling and Gay Games
Day 8 / H : H is for water and friendship.
Day 9 / I: I is for Ice Bar.
Day 10 / J: J is for Disappointment
Day 11 / K: K is not for kites.
Day 12 / L: L is for Leftovers fit for Lions
Day 13 / M: M is for Mysteries of Kinds
Day 14 / N: N is for Laziness
Day 15 / O: O is not for Oranges
Day 16 / P: P is for CAKE
Day 17 / Q: Q is for Quarters
Day 18 / R: R is for Roof thats leaking.
Day 19 / S: S is for Scoresheet
Day 20 / T: T is for Tea
Day 21 / U: U is not for Umbrella
Day 22 / V: V is for Vendetta
Day 23 / W: W is for Wasting Days
Day 24 / X: X isn't for X-Ray
Day 25 / Y: Yearning for new projects

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hihihiiii soo cutee ^0^

many thanks, for reading. :)

was a great day at the zoo.