Alphabet Soup : Day 17 / Q: Q is for Quarters of pizza, because there are no Quails.

New Years Eve, and all that malarky. Clubs getting excited about extortinate rates they can charge for less than normal service. And people getting hammered to start their new year with a hangover, not really my idea of fun.

But hey ho. I stayed in watched a film, and the new Bill Bailey DVD, with my friend Charlotte. We sat about and almost missed the switch over to new years, before i recieved a really loud phone call from a hotel in London somewhere from Jenni.

It was rather cold, and rather than venture outside to capture a queue, or a mysterious Quail, i settled with this, attempt, with my phone camera, so apologies for the poor quality of everything here.

Charlie's Picture Of The Day : Q is for Quarters of Pizza, Because i couldnt find a Quail.

It was tastier than it looks here, was a spicy chicken pizza, from my saviour that is Morrisons. (Though i secretly hate the lame attempt at a supermarket) They dont sell exciting game birds though...

Oh, if you are new to the blog, please go read this, to get a better understanding of the alphabet project.

Anyway, there isnt a lot more to say today, other than, hope that all your new years, bring you the success and things that you deserve. Don't forget people, you get out what you put in.

Ciao for now.

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Day 17 / Q: Q is for Quarters

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