Alphabet Soup : Day 25 / Y: Y is for Yearning for new projects.

The penultimate Day of this project in its current guise, actually leant itself well for finding new ideas and starting other projects I had wanted to do for a while.

I started the London Underground Challenge I've been wanting to do for ages, you can read a little bit here. We all had fun running about the tubes, and then arrived at the Tate, much later than had been expected.

I got distracted with finding a new idea for yet another project, which you can read a little bit about, here.

Which all, meant that I had lost track of everything for the day of this project.

We ended up in this bar that I had been to a while ago, which had a sign outside billing it as the hardest pub to find in London, which obviously made me love it. This time it didn’t have that sign though, which made me a little upset. Located on the opposite side of the river, overlooking the Globe Theatre, TSP - or The Samuel Pepys is my favourite hardest to find bar in London.

I love this bar, and because of its unique place in my heart thought it made perfect sense to ask the lovely barmaid this most unusual request upon the realization I hadn't found a letter of the day yet, due to such an excitingly packed day of fun with Rosii and Jenni.

"Have you any Drinks beginning with a 'Y'?"

To which she dutifully set about looking through all the drinks, and found this lovely specimen.

Charlie's Picture of the Day: Y is for Yering Wine, and Yearning for new Projects.

So I find myself having had a day, where, I have found new ideas for a new project, started another project, and thanks to the wonderful bar staff at TSP, come one day closer to completing this Project. Thank you Jo and Corina [sp?] I gave you the web address of the blog, as you seemed intrigued by the concept. I hope you drop by and leave me a comment, as I owe the day to you.

Thanks, for being so helpful in the face of such an odd request.

Also, we found a Huggin' Hill so;

It had to be done. What a great day!

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Day 25 / Y: Yearning for new projects

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