Alphabet Soup : Day 6 - F isn't for Frogs, but it IS for French, kind of.

I got up early to get to my work experience, and had issues uploading yesterdays, due to a real scare that my laptop had given up the ghost. However, it must just have had some incompatibility issues, with the server in the office. And the fact I'd been using a different camera to take the pictures (without the uplaod cable).

*deep breath*

So now everything is back on track and fine. (If Jack gets up, and stuff)

So yes F could easily have been final festive night at the union last night, but it wasnt fitting, i was tired, and the night seemed pretty drab, despite seeing lots of great people that ive met this year, and really enjoying seeing them. The music was awful though.

Charlie's Picture Of The Day: F is for... Fulham's, 'Learning French in France' (Even though its in Fulham) Shop.

I Didn't have the heart to ask someone to take my picture outside the shop. I mean its an odd little shop, and you know, you just dont know who you are asking to do something.

Anyways, Jack after getting hom managed to submit this from the lincolnshire dales.

Jack's Picture Of The Day : F is for Fields...

Now the housemates have mostly gone home... I will bring you snippets of interest, or news instead gathered with a social commentry by moi.

This man was kind enough to pay for a penniless travellers fare (of £5). 39 Years ago, the traveller promised to pay back the gentleman as soon as he could afford it. It is 39 years late, but the man, paid back £5 per year it was late, and gave him £200. He is actually giving it away to charity, and was so surprised that the traveller kept his promise.

The one thing i drew from this is that it is a pretty sad time in humanities life, when no one trusts a promise made now-a-days. I'd like to think everyone one of us would pay for that traveller to get home, and help him out, and a promise is a promise, and id hope every one of us would pay them back whenever they could. This kind of heart warming news, is great, i revel in it, such a wonderful little story. More please. I want to hear more about the lovliness in the world through our media.

Lets get our faith in humanity back. Let's make our promises and our word truley mean something.

Ive added a section below linking back to past posts should you want to follow the story.

See you tomorrow for G.

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