Alphabet Soup : DAY 1 : A is not for apple

So today, me and two of my housemates decided to start a new project. It’s a bit silly, but that’s what happens when you decide on things at 3am.

We are changing our facebook pictures to something beginning with the letter of the Alphabet for that day. The first day we are given free reign over Google images, although for every day hereafter the challenge is to take a picture of something that day, and upload it in the evening ready for the next day.

[EDIT: we later decided to actually restart from A and give it a proper go, taking pictures each day, then uploading them around midnight, so they can be our facebook pictures for the next day, whilst we take the picture of the next letter]

[NEW EDIT: 31/12/08] - I have been so excited and energised (well kind of) by this project that I have set up a future project of a similar nature, except I want you all to join in. I have started a facebook group, where I hope people will join, and add their photos, and generally have a good time.

This is due to start in Feb 2009. So you still have a bit of time to get involved, if this interests you.

Here is our images for today, DAY 1 : December the 14th - A is not for Apple.

Charlie's Image (mine) A is for Anchor

Jack's Image - A is for Albania

Tom's Image - A is for Aardvark

The Story So Far in Alphabet Soup :

Alphabet Soup: A Half Explaination, and Experiment
Day 1 / A: MK II. A isn't for Apple
Day 2 / B: B isn't for ball, balloon, or bird. Not bus, bike or boat.
Day 3 / C: C isn't for cats, or cars. Its for diggers and smugness??
Day 4 / D: D isn't for Dogs, Ducks, Dynamite, or Des Lynam
Day 5 / E: E is for Near Calamity & An Exam
Day 6 / F: F isn't for Frogs, but it IS for French, kind of.
Day 7 / G: G is for Gambling and Gay Games
Day 8 / H : H is for water and friendship.
Day 9 / I: I is for Ice Bar.
Day 10 / J: J is for Disappointment
Day 11 / K: K is not for kites.
Day 12 / L: L is for Leftovers fit for Lions
Day 13 / M: M is for Mysteries of Kinds
Day 14 / N: N is for Laziness
Day 15 / O: O is not for Oranges
Day 16 / P: P is for CAKE
Day 17 / Q: Q is for Quarters
Day 18 / R: R is for Roof that’s leaking.
Day 19 / S: S is for Scoresheet
Day 20 / T: T is for Tea
Day 21 / U: U is not for Umbrella
Day 22 / V: V is for Vendetta
Day 23 / W: W is for Wasting Days
Day 24 / X: X isn't for X-Ray
Day 25 / Y: Yearning for new projects
Day 26 / Z: Z is for Zebra in the Zoo

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Okey, so at the end of jan I send you a pic for feb 1st and I will post it on my blog feb 1st.

I will add you to my blogroll on jafabrit art.

Fantastic, sounds really good, thank you.

Invite your friends.