Alphabet Soup : Day 13 / M: M is for Mystery, of kinds.

Click HERE if your new to the blog, to understand a little more why I'm doing this. This is the HALFWAY HOUSE in my first experiment. And today i set up a facebook group explaining my ploy to expand it in the future, but i will explain this properly tomorrow.

I found myself at a Train station again today, and whilst there saw this poster, which is my fail safe should my other M turn out to be not an M.

BUT unless anyone can proove to me wrong (and I am quite willing for this to happen) this next picture shows a picture of a man who looks like a miner.

Charlie's Picture Of The Day : M is for Mysterious Miner Man? at Gerrards Cross Station.

Failing either of these pictures being granted as proper or right, i got home today to a broken boiler, which means no warm water or heating, BUT i do have electricity, which means i have been drinking copius amounts of coffee to keep my hands warm, though i havent yet got round to bring the kettle upstairs, i am very close to doing that now though. And right now as i type, i can see my breath clouding in front of the screen.

Im huddled in about 6 layers, 3 jumpers and a coat, with a scarf. All i can say is this is a picture of misery. The landlord says it will be Monday before it gets fixed. I dont like him, i think it's an emergancy and in two minds whether to call out a emergency plumper to sort it the fuck out.

Then invoice the landlord.

I am however saving as much as possible from all heat lost from the head, I'm told about 15% of all body heat is lost through the head. Thank you Hoodie and Trilby combo. Brilliant!!!

The ponderence for me though is this; the boiler was fine when i left. Now its broken, who came and broke it.

Now i know burgulars are usually fans of Student houses at Christmas, but i didnt think they usually were purveyors of heat. Why the hell have they stolen my heat and left the tele, and the x-box, take them. I dont care about them (they arent mine, admittedly.) But stealing heat, that's cold guys.

Sigh. why? (i very much doubt anyone came and tampered with the boiler for the record, but it is so infuriating.

Who says there isn't any Christmas spirit?

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