Alphabet Soup: Day 9 / I: I is for Ice Bar, and Dreams of an Ice Hotel

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Yesterday i was left thinking that the world was a great place, a really happy place, and that nothing could better that day. I was wrong of course, today was EVEN better. Somehow inexplicably, (though i will now try) i had an even better day, despite traipsing the wrong way round London several times.

So, yes, I took Jenni with me around London aiming to meet with my friend Rowan, who i hadn't seen since New Years day. We were late and only ended up getting about 45 minutes together, but was long enough for everyone to feel good, and also to arrange a meet up for the first weekend in January. It was great to catch up breifly too. I feel like i'd missed out on talking to [another] one of my best friends all year.

Here's to talking more Row. :)

After this, we had decided it would be cool to try and get the best 'I' word possible, to get the challenge back on track, and not limited to just being indoors.

There was talk of taking picutres of all the Christmas lights and using I for Illuminations, we took some anyway, but then thought of the Ice Bar. I think i may have been subliminally influenced by something i saw on iPlayer the other day where there was a business man who owns an Ice Bar, but still. We aimed to go.

So via a fantastic little Crepe Cafe just behind Oxford Street on a fantastic little European styled Square, where we ate, we walked to Regent Street from Bond St tube. Along South Molton Street, where there is a 'Lush', (where women spend ALL their hard earned cash) then along Old Bond Street where if they hadnt just spent it all, they'd want a diamond encrusted dress or something, Jenni found me a wonderful little display with icicles on it. And eventually onto Regent Street, where the Ice bar sits just off of.

So.... Today Ice bar wins, but i liked all my pictures so much i want to share them all.

Charlie's Pictures of The Day : I is for Ice Bar, Illuminations and Icicles.

Jack's picture of the day: I is for Ice Cream.

Did You Know??.... here is a fantastic little video full of tidbits to impress.

i stole this from this blog, but thought it was great and wanted to post it as well.

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