Alphabet Soup : Day 3 - C is not for cats, or cars. Its for diggers and smugness??

Today seems to have fallen apart a little bit. I didnt go to london as planned, i didnt go to Chelsea, i didnt make a sign that would have Elvis Costello's sides splitting with laughter, and i certainly didnt take said sign to Chelsea. Instead i stayed in bed, despite the best attempted wake up calls from my ever loving girl friend.

So today is C. I could have gone to the wonderful Chair Museum in Wycombe today, but bed was my friend, until late afternoon, by which time id realised i needed to finish my coursework for tomorrow, after commiting myself to two xmas parties today.

So here is some photos of today, i bring to you a couple of extras as well as our daily contributions.

Charlie's Picture of the day : C is for Cheeky Charlie Completeing his Contract negotiation Coursework. how many C's?

5. thats how many C's!!!!! Five, and wait for this.
Jack didnt even get a C. he got a D and a W. Lets see his 'attempt'

Jacks Picture of the day : C is for a Welsh Green Digger. go figure?!!!

I thereby claim the win on this one. the cheating scumbag.

And hereby stomping my win all over him i bring to you other pictures from the day;

The wonderful Crumble made by Jenni my girlfriend (i say wonderful, we havent eaten it all yet.)

Oh, that was another C, by the way Jack...

And as for our ever unfaithful Bennett-meister, he still is refusing to play ball after such a promising google images run. He has no stamina, here he is tonight watching a film by himself.

Nail biting stuff. Brilliant. I am off to bed after a successful day, Coursework. done. Christmas Parties. Done. Challenge. Done.

Lots of C's. I win. I win. I win. :D

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