Alphabet Soup : Day 10 / J: J is for a dissapointment after yesterday.

Click HERE if your new to the blog. Christ, this alphabet challenge has arrived at double figures and i find myself having lost my fellow two comrades who were jouneying with me upon this adventure.

Jack seems to have fallen into a pool of self wallowing laziness. Alas today all i did was lay in bed thinking about how much i wanted to find a Jamboree for J today. But in bed, it was hard to find at the last second and no planning. Whilst Bennett, (who has now linked to me from his blog) failed at day one.

Today all i've really done is mope about how unlikely i am to find a jamboree, and how i didnt really want to have to post Jam, or Juice.

I eventually found this, and its nothing but dissapointing after yesterdays sucess.

Charlie's Picture of the day: J is for dissapointment. Jordans Country Crisps, British Oat & Barley clusters with real Strawberries. *sigh* i still prefer Jam.

Housemate Craig, gives this fantastic late entry for the alphabet game from Thailand.

Craig's picture of the day: J is for Jungle

I'm totally hoping for a Ladyboy for L from him though. c'mooooooon.

Tomorrow is time to start the Christmas shopping, which is nice. Though in fairness i have already bough two presents, sent one home back to Devon with my friend Scott who had travel problems tonight, and the few i've ordered from the internet.

But nothing beats the thrill of buying Christmas presents on the day before Christmas. That and the sales start tomorrow. Hah. Genius.

See you there.... And have a good Christmas everybody, or whatever seasonla greeting you may like. Failing that, enjoy the last week of the western calendar year.

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