Alphabet Soup : Day 19 / S: S if for Bowling and a night out.

Today i went out to meet up with a friend, that i really like, but never have made enough time for. We both share a name and both share a passion for wanting to be successful.

The three of us later went bowling, which brings to us;

Charlie's Picture of the day: S is for Scoresheet.

The bowling started off badly, i used to work here, and should have been showing off, but i was pretty poor. I eventually came back to win the first game after refinding how to bowl at about the fifth frame, and then Dragon handed me the game in the ninth.

So the next game was going to be about pride, until little miss Flower, decided to wipe the floor with us. Made for very funny scenes of confusion at the end of the game, When Charlie and I were trying to work out how many games of bowling each we were at in our long term score, whether he could consider this game a victory i still debate. (She had of course used the barriers that stop the ball going in the gutter... though she seemed to need them rarely...)

There are some action shots;

That is me, looking almost good at what i'm doing.

Me concentrating or something?

Dragon, busting some moves, about to destroy some pins.

And finally Jen about to destroy the lanes after throwing the ball Dambuster style down the lane. (I may get killed for putting this up.)

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