Alphabet Soup : Day 14 / N: N is for Laziness.

Today, the first of the second half of my project, was one of laziness. I say lazy. I mean too cold to do anything. The boiler was still broken and i barely thought about leaving the house until the late afternoon, and only then because of the prospect of not getting to the supermarkets before they close.

(Is it just me who still finds this a ridiculous law??! Trading laws prevent supermarkets being open after 4pm. i don't understand it, when else other than the weekend are people suposed to do their shopping if they work the normal working week. ARGH!!! Frustrating, all i wanted to do was stay in bed with my sleeping bag, duvet and ten jumpers.)

So i'll admit i wanted to go and happy snap a famous London Landmark today, and i even lost the picture i took of it last time i went there...

... As i was looking for this picture i actually came across this one, which has changed my N for the day.

Charlie's Picture of the Day: N is for Nostalgia

This is a picture of me playing the drums in some venue in the Czech Republic, i forget which one now, but made me laugh when i was flicking through the gallery that it was in.

It reminded me of the times i had with my old band, and the times that i had pushed to the back of my mind now that i don't have time to play the drums so often. I have a real longing to play again. Grrrrrrr. anyways.

If you are new to the blog, and want an explaination or an idea of why im picturing the alphabet... Click HERE

Today though, as i say, i was rather lazy and instead of that trip to london, I am pictured here with chocolate spread, friend of children, students, and americans. :) And thankfully that other picture is less lazy looking than this one. (but wasn't taken today either)

I've watched two great films in the last two days, Yes Man (though very different from the book, still had the power to make me laugh.) And tonight i saw, Bedtime Stories, which was a great little heart warmer, another of these films which just makes you smile.

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