Alphabet Soup : Day 2 : B isn't for ball, balloon, or bird. Not bus, bike or boat.

So what is B for?

here is my entry, though i deperatley wanted to find a Ballerina to take a picture of, i felt bad about approaching a dancing school in case i was perceived to be 'perving' on girls, which wouldnt of course be the point, but try explaining it away.

So i settled with a relic from my last job that always gets a smile and a question when people walk into my room for the first time.

I bring to you....

B is for Bolwing Pin

Jack was as avantgarde and funny as usual, here is his contribution.

B is for Broke

B is also for Bennett our other housemate contender has flaked out. here is a picture of him rocking one of his t-shirt designs. If you see him shout out about being an alphabet skimp. or some such intelligent insult. Im sure he will come back with excuses based upon his mac having broken, but lets just say.

I'm a PC. I just work. hah.

Come back tomorrow for some discussion and C. I'm around London tomorrow, so might get something exciting. No promises though.

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