February Alphabet Challenge

Having taken part in what is now a trial run of the Alphabet Challenge, I now want to ask you to join in with me. I took pictures that represented days of the alphabet and changing my status and picture on facebook to coincide with the days.

If you are on Facebook feel free to join the GROUP I made for this plan.

The idea is to re-launch this campaign, which made me really think about the world around me a little more than usual, seeing things you don’t usually see, and also doing things I usually wouldn’t, just to get a good picture for the day. (Although sometimes I didn't get good pictures, and immediately regretted not having done something amazing.)

I want you to take a picture a day, as I did, and for those of you who write blogs with a specific theme, you could keep your theme, and get all your readers enthused with your images and make it a whole project of your own to complete it. For those of you with Facebook, Myspace or Twitter, i think it would be great if you would change your picture and status daily to said pictures and what you have pictured.

So it starts on February 1st, all this involves is taking a picture of something that begins with the letter of that day, Feb 1st - A, 2nd - B, 3rd - C.. Etc. All you need to do is upload this photo and change your status. (For those bloggers out there, just keep to your theme, and send in pictures.)

[Either E-Mail me across your picture of the day to c.southwell [AT] hotmail.co.uk or attach a link to your picture at the bottom of my post for the day]

[To clarify - picture A would have been taken on Jan 31st, and uploaded to be up on the 1st Feb, and each picture thereafter uploaded the day before so it is up for the day]

I see this as a bit of a project in that, it will be interesting to see what many different people come up with, and I would like to collect the best of them from all over the world, plus the added bonus of it probably confusing your friends amuses me slightly.

Like that of a flashmob, except over a month.

So please join me in February, by confusing social networking sites, and invite your friends to do the same, the competition will spur you on to greatness.

See you in February for the Alphabet Challenge. Click HERE for samples of my past run.


Comments (14)

We are in. What a fun idea. Since there are two of us, we will just make sure that at least one of us takes an alphabet picture each day.

That is fantastic news, thank you for joining in!!!

Please do spread the word, if you have any other followers, that may be interested.



Charlie! A great idea!

Thank you so very much for the invite. But I beg off, and I'll tell you why. In my first year of blogging (2006) I was a City Daily Photo person for East Lansing, Michigan (East Lansing Daily Photo) and I loved it! I posted a new photo snapped in that esteemed city every day for 3 months. And that was enough! I will never do it again! :D

But if you like, I'll run an advert for you. I'll post about your challenge on Wednesday and ask people to participate. What you say?

Ruth, that would be great, I'm sad that you won't be participating but you have valid reason.

The more th merrier, would be proud to have an advert run by you.



Actually, I'll post it today, so come back and check in a bit. I'll have it on my sidebar.

Awhhh. Thanks Ruth!

I am new to blogging land and this sounds like fun. Mind if I join in?

@ Divine Morning

You are more than Welcome to join in!!!

The more the merrier, and I'd love to see what you can come up with.


Count me in! I will try my best to get through the whole alphabet.

Fantastic, Thank you Adres, I'm sure once you start you will want to finish it.

What a fun thing to do! i would have loved to have a go but will be away for two weeks in February! Do you have anything else lined up?

Hi Delphine,

Two weeks away?? How lucky!!

Take a camera, and take part anyway.


Nothing lined up yet, but ideas are always flowing.

I will definitely have a camera with me so will try. It will be fun for you and I look forward to seeing the results :)

Fantastic stuff Delphine!!!

Where are you off to?