Charlie's February Alphabet Challenge : Tips & Help

The time is drawing close for the February Alphabet challenge to roll out, and if recent interest is anything to go by, there should be a fair few of us embarking on this project. Please don't be afraid to invite more people to join now, everyone is welcome.

This also serves as a reminder that it all starts on Saturday, Look for your 'A' and send it in to my blog on the 1st, as you hunt out your next letter. Either send me a link, or email me your picture so I can include it on the blog. I will try to link back to your blogs and give you full credits, whilst you can all vote your favourites for each day.

I thought I would give a couple of pointers and bits of advice in preparation of said challenge. At first when I did it last, it was a bit of a joke between housemates, and we started lazily. However as it went on, I got much more into it.

The key is preparation, or having a half idea of what you may want to snap. If you don't you will end up wandering rather aimlessly round your house looking for anything that begins with a 'D', a 'J' or a 'P'. Now when I did it, I tried to stay away from the usual things depicted on Alphabet sheets, but that was part of my mentality, the days that I wasn't lazy, like 'I' and 'Z'. I had actually gone out and achieved something with my day.

I felt this was great as I wouldn't have gone to a zoo or indeed a bar made out of ice were it not for this challenge.

So if you get stuck look out for:

  • Animals
  • Brands
  • Cars
  • Direct Objects
  • Edibles (Foodstuffs)
  • Flowers
  • Games
  • Household Items
  • Ideas (Abstract photos, attributed a meaning could work very well, like Jacks B for Broke)

I was going to carry on, but I think you get the idea, without my having to strain for a J. :)

See you at the weekend for your first posts. Take care, and bring your best shots, I am looking forward to what the blogosphere has to offer.


Comments (3)

An alphabet challenge sounds like fun. I'll have to read more on this and see what it's all about. If it's not too time-consuming, maybe I'll be able to participate ;) - (February looks like it's going to be a busy month for me).

It should take less than five minutes a day, if you can think of the subject you want to photograph.

It would be great to have another blogger involved.

Hi As I said I shall be away for part of this month, however I have decided to take part and hopefully I will be able to have access to run my computer ( we shall be away in a Camper) anyway I have already sent you my 'A' and have my 'B' prepared; Good luck it's fun! Delphine