Megatron v. Obama Mashup - Change

To celebrate Transformers 2 being advertised in local cinemas and Obama's 100 Days. I bring you...

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Here is a link to the rest of my alphabet.
Apparently I forgot the letter Z so I will do that as soon as this week ends. My AP tests are this week, after that school will be unofficially over. Wish me luck!

I also started a photo blog because I felt that my photography needed a separate blog.

what did you learn during your hiatus?

I have been focussing my attention onto digital marketing and have learnt a lot about SEO and various webdesign functions.

I will be launching a blog with a friend soob, that should be fairly amusing, but with serious undertones, and maybe tryoing to actually earn some money through it as a sideline to our marketing and rebranding consultancy that we have started working on.

So have a learnt a fair amount.

Also learnt to finish things i start.

Hi there Charlie, been following you for quite some time but never left a comment til now. I've just tagged you on my site, hope you don't mind and hope you don't mind playing along!