Been a thinking

Its been a wihle since i have posted.


I have a serious problem with wasting my time.

Often its computer games, sometimes it is films, and new TV series. Sometimes it is chasing things that arent out of reach, but persauding others that a university student can do a competent job is proving hard.

My housemate an I have been trying to become a little more serious about our company. And in the coming times i do hope to post a little more about this, SEO and web design marketing company.

Our first client has proved very useful in terms of experimenting. And we can't wait to unveil their new site and branding. Hoping when the site goes live next week, that it hits the top of the google searchs as hoped.

Anyway, for now, no silly projects, and I realised today I traiped round London tubes in the evening there is yet another project that was started with enthusiasm, but so little conviction as yet. The summer proives to decide whether i can make something of myself. Finish this project as well as starting to pick up my business.

More to come soon. I Promise.

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