Today is my housemates 21st Birthday, and the start of February's Alphabet Soup Challenge. It is likely to be a rather messy evening. So I will take my picture and upload it early all going well.

Tomorrow I plan to be in London to join in the Chinese New Year festivities in Leicester Square and China Town. It should be incredible. Then there is a quick meeting about a brand new exciting project that will be happening soon in a pub, before heading to Camden for a gig.

Then in a couple of weeks two of my favourite bands are playing in one of the bigger London club venues (Matter) but I may instead be going to try and break a World record instead. (I'LL KEEP YOU POSTED) But it's a hard decision. I think I will go along and try to help and break the record we are going for. But should it look like it is going to fail, I may bail and go to the gig and rescue the day.

The bands are:

Shy Child


And I totally recommend both them to all of you. Shy Child will be making their first UK Appearance in quite some time. Should be good, though as I say not sure if I will go or not yet. As there are records to be broken.

:) Hope to see some of your photos a bit later.

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