Glad I have worked out this Flickr thing

I have been trying for hours to sort this out, and it seems to have worked, although the sheer amount of pictures means i may have to sneakily set up another account or two to put all the pictures in such slideshows.

Which i think is an awesome way of seeing the photos. Please tell me if you disagree?

Here is Day 1's A's in this format.

best wishes

Comments (3)

Must say I prefer the other way, gives you chance to backtrack quickly and take a second glance, also without their title some of them lose their meaning and impact.Sorry, I know it must have been time consuming setting it up!

It was defintley just an experiment more than anything else. was trying to find a way of not taking up whole pages as it seemed to be slowing loading pages when i looked at it on other peoples machines.

If i don't use it for this, still useful to have the knowledge of how to do it.

Thanks for your feedback, hopefully others will voice their feedback too.


I agree that I prefered the other way, mainly because I seem to rely on bad puns to put my pictures into letter context.
Well done for sussing it out though