Gary's Story

I ended up editing this in a rush yesterday from about 1000 seperate images for Charlotte.

"After being given an open brief at university, I had the idea of getting 10 people to give me a word each, all of which I would have to include in the story. These would pop up as images after the words. Which is why not all of them that could, have images. I wanted to make an animation and scripted it to be very childish and raw. I think it came out pretty well for a first ever film and animation! POKE!"

Sadly i don't get a credit, but thought I'd post it here so you guys can see that I'm not just slacking.

It took a ridiculously long time, and because the computer slowed right up, was finding it very hard to sync the coutdown, so it is quite out, and doesnt flow.

I'm sure Scott (and others) will have a go and start trying to sell me a mac. Go away, I'm not interested in the slightest. I like my shitty Windows Vista, It has personality.

Without further ado.... Here is the video.

An interesting little tale told by fridge magnets.

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Five minutes after watching that I am still smiling!! Well worth all the effort!

Loved the tale , gary was cute! AHH! and I had fish for dinner last night......

Made me giggle doing it.


LOL that was wicked :)

I watched that while eating Tuna

and it was awesome (the video, the tuna was a bit stodgy)

Still would've been quicker to edit on a Mac - 5 minutes tops!

Bish, bash, bosh,

Thank you Stevie Jobs!

To be honest, i wanted it all to be a bit quicker, but after spending so long sorting it out and my computer slowing down i thought it would be ok. think if it was 3.30 would be a lot hotter as a vid.

Sadly windows didnt allow me to speed it up by about x1.2 x1.3 and save it. Double or nothing.

Ben, I forgot you were one of those.

Urk. ;)

thats fun, but must have taken a while.

but dont you be knocking the mac!!!!

Did indeed take a while.

Glad i didnt stand and take the pictures.

Although there is an idea.... :) like always.

As for the Mac comment, i dislike the evangelist like religion of the mac. everyone who has one seems to try and force their way into my life, and to be quite frank, that if nothing else, puts me right off.


haaaa I wouldnt try and force you into a Mac - I feel the same way about PC people that tell me PCs are sooooo much better.
Each to their own as they say

Awesome Charlie!!!!! Hope it gets you a huge audience on YouTube.

Ahhh. not about that tbh.

Just helping someone out with a project that seemed very fitting for me.