Alphabet Soup 2.0 : HALFWAY HOUSE


So we have reached Halfway (or thereabouts) and I'm afraid i am away the whole day (wheather now permitting) tomorrow, therefore the updates will be slower than you may have grown accustomed to.

However as i am attempting to break a world record (again if the weather permits, its now looking less likely) that it will be forgiven. I will be attempting to go to each London Underground station in a day, and hopefully in time to break the record. I am very excited by this, and will be 270 Tube stations of nothing but thinking about how i might be written about in books. Well... A book. EXCITING.


I thought I would post my personal favourites thus far, but flickr died on me, so alas i cant. I am also trialing an idea for a slideshow for these pictures... Lets see how it goes.

When i get back on saturday I'll upload all those picture that i will have missed doing today.

Best wishes


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Best of luck on your trip!

Good Luck!

My goodness Charlie-what will you get up to next! Hope you succeed and live to tell the tale :)

Thanks for the great wishes. Will write some more about yesterday in a bit. :D

Love the slideshow. Here is our N post.

Here is my N