Wii - Fortunes Destroyed

My ability to win games with my housemates has finally dissipated since they have now played it as much as me now my insomniac tendencies have started to wane.

This means, bowling, I am now failing at... and not getting the runs of strikes I somehow had learnt.

Mario Kart, pretty terrible, though depends who I am racing against.

Super smash Bros. - Learning it slowly, but still losing badly, and button mashing.

Now that Zelda is owned, I doubt I will bother playing much at all.

Housemate Craig, has suggested maybe I can only be good at one thing at a time, but it also dawns on me as a marketing student that; Both Seth Godin, and Malcolm Gladwell suggest that putting 10,000 hours into something is the only way to become an expert at it.

I need to find a focus, of something I am not going to get bored with quickly, and stick at it, a couple of hours at a time, into making it work. Daily focus is indeed justified.

It also dawns on me, I haven't yet figured an efficient way of logging all the tube stations I've been to yet. Therefore still have a lot more work to do on that.

Also a reader named Anthony e-mailed me regarding some of my many spelling errors, and I figure that as he took the time to message me, that I should actually spend a little more time making sure it is a bit better, so I have begun the tedious task of going back through the back catalogue and slowly correcting spellings, and grammar, so it all reads a bit nicer.

It also means I can take a little more time over new posts.

The best thing I saw today, was a delivery man, obviously independant or a small company. But on his van it said, 'POST HASTE'. Which is nothing short of genius, I wish I had taken my camera with me.

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