Tuesday the 20th January 2009 : A Day Of History

For two reasons, one which is life changing for a lot of people in the world, and the other is more personal.

Firstly and MOST importantly to everyone in the world, it is my 21st Birthday, which is hugely important to the development of the entire world, and especially making peace in the Middle East. My birthday song will be universally healing and bring a smile to everyone in the Gaza Strip or something.

The lesser reason and slightly personal is that, that Barack Obama, will become the president of some 50 separate states tomorrow. I am very happy that he has won, and like a couple of other people think that, he may bring a lot of change to the world too.

Though I am not convinced that he will be able to single handedly turn the world’s economy around, nor gain world peace. Nevertheless, for now, I am happy to be brainwashed with the media's portrayal of the man, who is the world’s biggest celebrity right now. And yes, He is Superman, Right?

Welcome to the most stressful job in America. The Twentieth of January Two Thousand and Nine, is a date that will be written in the History books. And all because I shall be Twenty-one. For now, though Obama can kick back...

I want an office like that when I'm older. With less American Flags. And to look that laid back in a shirt and tie.

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Ah! I see we used the same pictures on our posts today. It's a thrill that you get to celebrate your big 21st on such a momentous day. I think it means you will go on to great things (or at least have a really happy celebration).

Thanks for the encouragement at synchronizing in the hubbub.

Thank you, for coming and checking out my site.

What a wonderful Blog host you are.

I have to say though that vanity fair pic, is fantastic isnt it?

the way he just looks so chilled out, considering he is about to get into a job that will age him tremndously.

Good luck to the guy.

I do hope to go onto great things, but the foremost thoughts will be to have a great night with great friends.

Thank you again for your time Ruth.


Thanks for visiting me and your astute comment! I'm glad I came here in time to say Happy Birthday and to let you know I share in your hopes for this superman...Love the pictures!

Well, his party's been rather spoilt now Gordon Broon has saved the world. Still, nice of them to mark your birthday in this way. Have a good one!

This is true of course...

Gordon Brown saved the Cheerleader, to save the world.*

And i had a terrific birthday. thanks.

*N.B. - This is not an allegation.