Time for Honesty

I have to be honest here, I have meant to write down some goals for the year, not resolutions as such, but i keep getting busy and forgetting, which is pretty bad, as one of the goals was going to be sticking to what i say im going to do, which at the moment is looking bleak. And this article just makes me feel worse.

I am still yet to start collecting TUBE stations, and haven't yet deciede on rules to make it interesting.

However, i do think i will make a start tomorrow and Friday. Whilst i finish the Alphabet, start collecting a couple of Tubes, just to get me started, then i can start sorting other plans out.

As one project draws to a close, and another looms, (although i don't yet seem to have a lot of support for the February run.) I really want to make the Tube Challenge one that i take through to its conclusion, and not intertwine too much with other interesting things i want to happen.

I have had some positive feedback from the Southwell's i have contacted on Facebook, but i am not sure when to start really pushing that, as many have turned round and pointed out its rather clutching at straws as to the Dave Gorman thing. But it still interests me.

Anyways, I am rambling, and still not getting anything done. Insomnia has been set into action again, because i mistakenly napped this afternoon. To bed so i can figure out a way to get the tubes on the go whilst maintaining the company i have promised.


Also those eagle eyes of you, may have noticed i'd actually slipped a day behind on the Alphabet challenge, but due to various hol;lidays and camera excitments, i hope this would be excused.

See you tomorrow.

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