Songs Stuck In My Head

Today has been a day where I haven't been able to get away from the songs that have embedded themselves in my head. Often i welcome this, as i have no need for an i-pod as i often hum songs along in my mind at will. It only becomes a problem when i try to hum out loud, or sing them, because I am completely tone deaf. Thus creating discomfort to anyone nearby.

These song have become stuck in my head, and since my hard drive and my music collection died the other day, i have been stuck playing the few CDs i have with me at uni. And getting bored of generic repetitive music.

God bless Youtube. This first song is one from a band that is famous for covering a Michael Jackson song.

Alien Ant Farm - Wish

And this band are playing at my Union tonight. And i remember hearing this single when it was released. Quite infectous, the chorus that is...

Imperial Lesiure - In A Letter

"Ah, music! What a beautiful art! But what a wretched profession!"
Georges Bizet

Comments (2)

I've often wondered what causes a particular song to get stuck in a person's head. It's an odd phenomenon. Sometimes, I enjoy a song being present in my mind - but other times it makes me crazy ;)

What an interesting thought. The cause of song sticking.

Quite often I get songs stuck in my head that annoy me so much I want to rid my body of my head just to get rid of the wretched song.

Usually its annoying pop, or great songs though.

The best ones are old classics. May make that a regular piece on my blog. Song stuckness.