Quote Of The Day : 10/01/09 - English Language

This is not so much a quote as something I saw on the tube today and inspired me a little. It was used in an advert that was quite clever. I just wish I’d taken a picture instead of staring at it and writing it down in my notebook.

If 'gh' can replace a 'p' in Hiccough
If 'ough' can be used instead of the 'o' sound on Dough
If 'phth' replaces the 't' sound in Phthisis
If 'eigh' can replace the 'a' sound in Neighbour
If 'tte' can replace the 't' sound in Gazette
If 'eau' can replace the 'o' in Plateau

Then you can spell potato like this; Ghoughphtheightteeau, right?

The times [newspaper] - spelling bee

I know the idea has been around for ages, and I am sure id even seen this one before, but it is so good, phonetic spellers must have a nightmare with this language.

It is a very clever little puzzle, I enjoy them, if you know anymore send them in.

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Brilliant! Don't know any more, but I love this one.

I love this kind of wordplay, i just thought the use of it on the ad, was great as well.

i will try and find some more, and post them sometime.

thanks for dropping by matey.