My Day...

I gave blood last night, and almost fainted. I had been taken along by a friend, and told it was safe, the fact I almost, almost died, doesn't matter I suppose, as I have helped save someone’s life, so the bank of karma, saw a deposit last night.

I cooked a steak and Guinness pie from scratch, one of my favourite meals to cook and eat. It was indeed, yummy. I also had the richest chocolate cake for dessert.

I did some work today, which a lot less people turned up than had been expected, which meant I had a lot more contact with the people, and therefore tired me out more than I had expected.

I am now in the mood to stay at home and chill out, but it is my friend Maria's birthday so I must go out and par-tay.

This is neither interesting to you, nor really to me, but I didn’t have anything exciting to write.

Maybe I shall get back on my book of quotes. :)

I am actually quite excited to have been contacts by quite a few people that are quite excited by the Alphabet Challenge that i am hoping to organise in February, i am still hoping more people will get involved. I intend to write off to a couple of radio DJ's this week, see if any are interested in giving some promotion to the project.

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