London Underground Challenge

So here starts my quest to visit every underground station on the London 'Tube' Network. I have now also thought of a way to keep track of it, visually, that isn’t in spreadsheet form so that I can make it available for your prying eyes.

It will also replicate the copy in my diary, which I am keeping, in as much that I’m scribbling out stations I've done.

[please click to expand the tube map - It's blank as yet and will get more complete]

I decided to make it slightly harder, than just be pictured at every station. As I could just hop on and off at each station, and that is easy for anyone with too much time on their hands, to do.

So, I am going to have my picture taken outside each station, as well as on the platforms. And should I think something interesting enough, I may take a picture, or tell you about it too.

I was taking information from this site until I realised that a station I went to in my first lot of stations actually isn't on the site at all. Sloane Square* is somehow missing, and I couldn't find any contact details to tell them about their glaring omission, so I now may have to [in time, and please don't hold me to this] put together my own site, which would be much more useful should you want to go to Sloane Square.

That site said there are 280 Tube sites, and I know there is at least one more, because I've been there. Whilst Wikipedia, say there are 268 tube stations, although I think they are not including the DLR, which I think I shall attempt to include, which Wikipedia cite as having 40 Stations, which may put the total number above 300. At some point I may just sit and count all the station, as for some unknown reason there doesn’t seem to be a definite number.

*(They may well have missed more, but I am sure I will get to those as I get further on with this project.)

So here starts the start of this project. Photos of me, inside, and outside (to prove I hadn’t just walked there, or hopped on and off trains) each and every tube station in London. With an occasional insight, and maybe some light trivia as we go.

Yet as i write this, i have actually just found out, this man here has not only already visited all the stations (he claims there is 275) but he has done it in a day. Which is pretty inspired.


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