Coin Sets : Handfuls of Change

I never though I would be someone to collect coins. I always thought it was very sad, and still do to some extent, though it does excite me that i am so close to getting every coin minted in the UK since I was born. It started when I had completed the 2008 new graphical design coins, pictures to be found there. Because they were new and exciting i just naturally wanted to have them all, and was pleased to have finished it before the end of the year.

Thanks to a couple of handfulls of change at my local Weatherspoon's pub, i found two of the newer coins that i still needed the other night. This is getting down to the wire now.

1991 - 2p (still waiting for Maria to give me this one.)

1992 - 50p

1994 - 50p

1997 - £2

2000 - £2 (Rosii has mentioned that she has this one.)

2007 - 50p
2007 - £1 (thanks to a handful of weatherspoons' change.)
2007 - £2

2008 - 5p
2008 - 10p
2008 - 50p
2008 - £1 (thanks to a handful of weatherspoons' change.)

Only 8 coins to go now.... Though I doubt this will now be completed before my 21st, it is getting close to being completed.

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