Coin Sets : Update

This is the next part of the story based on this idea of collecting every coin minted in England since I was born.

Yesterday I got a cryptic text off a friend, saying;

"I have a present for u! Its 18yrs old, brown and you need it to be complete, partly anyway. Do you know what it is?"

Safe to say I thought it was going to be a cryptic, mysterious riddle, but alas, after having spent hours puzzling over it, whilst hopping on and off tubes (more on that here) Maria, had actually found me, my 1991, 2p.

Amazing! Later on as well, I found a 20p in my change that I needed. The 2008 20p. What a successful day.

1988 - £1

1991 - 2p Thank you Maria!!!
1991 - £1

1992 - 50p
1992 - £1

1994 - 50p

1997 - £2

2000 - £2

2007 - 50p
2007 - £1
2007 - £2

2008 - 5p
2008 - 10p
2008 - 20p Found one of these in my change yesterday too.
2008 - 50p
2008 - £1

14 coins to go until I have every coin denomination minted since I was born.

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t's the significnce of these coins?
i have 2008 5p and 2p
but what's the trend?

ahhh, i see i didnt explain at all at the top again the relavance, thanks for spotting that.

i refer you to here, where i started collecting all the English coins that have been released in my lifetime that i can get...

duly edited.

thanks. :)

i have a 2000 £2 coin...

may i swap for a different £2 coin, or sum of coinage thereof?