Coin Sets : Now I am 21.

Now I am 21, and this project seems to me like a juvenile quest whilst simaltaneously being a project of an old person. There is part of me that just wants to finish it so i can stop 'collecting coins', which all started back there.

For my Birthday my Friend, Adsy gave me one of the few remaining coins i had left on my 'wish list'.

1991 - 2p (still waiting for Maria to give me this one.)

1992 - 50p

1994 - 50p

1997 - £2

2007 - 50p
2007 - £2 (Thanks Adsy!!!)

2008 - 5p
2008 - 10p
2008 - 50p

So down to Seven coins. Most of which are decorative 50p's and rather rare.

I am not really sure where to look for these. I didn't complete it before my 21st Birthday, but am now so close, i might as well finish it anyway.

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