Coin Sets : Gotta Catch 'Em All....

Hello, this is the continuing story based on this idea of collecting every coin minted in England since I was born.

Upon getting in a taxi today, I had a good conversation with the driver. After discussing my destination and hopping in, the conversation got good, and it was a shame to leave. However, after I had paid, I receive a wallet full of pound coins. I only just found out that I found three pound coins that I needed, which makes the taxi ride doubly sweet.

Charlie: "How you are you today?" (I know a bit of a boring conversation opener.)

Driver: "Happy, I am always happy... If you’re not happy what do you have?"

Charlie: (thinking that this is not quite, where I had expected this to go, but pleased it had.) "Problems" I tell my driver, thinking he may not expect this strain of answers.

We go on to discuss the state of society and both gasp almost simultaneously when there is talk of a two headed baby being born, not because of how amazing it is, but because all the experts had told them to abort. We both agree that it is not the doctor’s choice, regardless of whether it would live long... It is a life and should therefore have a chance as any other child. Good on the parents.

I was sad to leave this taxi ride.

Anyways as the coins go, I only went and found the rarest pound coin. And sweeter still it is from the year I was born in. this amazes me. I am ridiculously happy; I don't think I have ever been happier about getting 6-pound coins given to me as change, ever before.

As we said though, Happiness, is the key to life, if you don't have happiness, what do you have?

1988 - £1 (found in change today, I was stoked, as it is VERY rare.)

1991 - 2p (still waiting for Maria to give me this one.)
1991 - £1 (thanks to the change I was given in a taxi.)

1992 - 50p
1992 - £1 (thanks to the change I was given in a taxi.)

1994 - 50p

1997 - £2

2000 - £2 (Rosii has mentioned that she has this one.)

2007 - 50p
2007 - £1
2007 - £2

2008 - 5p
2008 - 10p
2008 - 50p
2008 - £1

Only 10 coins to go (presuming that Rossi and Maria pull through for me)

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i will i promise... its in my wallet seperate from the rest.

thanks. :)