Celebration Day

It was Burns Night last night, it's Australia Day today and the Chinese New Year starts today too.

To celebrate all three, why not find an Australian friend and give them a Chinese burn?

- Dave Gorman

From me here, I wish you all the health and prosperity for the coming year.

I will be celebrting it with the Chinese in London this Sunday in China Town and Leciester Square.

Oh and here is one of my favourite bands with a song called Celebration Day, i give to you Led Zeppelin.

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How long have you been into marketing? I am thinking about getting an MBA and going into business/ marketing. Any advice?

I am also thinking about doing an MBA. I am currently in my second year of University (I think the whole system works differently over in the US.)

But yeah its a great industry if you have the drive. I think i will get into the self employed sector, and a consultancy role.

That said anything else would drive me mad. I dont think i could get down into another 9-5 job.

I wish you a good year too! Tried out your Utube clip but its no longer available. T'il the next time Delphine

Well isnt that a typical response from a record label.


I've just this second updated it to a different youtube clip of the same song.

I always feel like we just can't have enough holidays in this world. More celebrations, more days off. I like the sound of that!

Welcome to my blog, thank you for dropping by Melissa.

There certainly aren't enough holidays in the year. I personally still find it odd that people are so content working such long hours in a week, when I'm sure if they were employed only two thirds of that time, and given time off the rest that everyone would be more productive.

That or i just want to be a student forever. I hope to see you drop by again soon, may 2009 and the Ox bring you all the best.

That's a lot of celebrations in a short space of time and two on one day!