Album Art in Paint : Infadels

I thought I'd dabble in this for a competition for a free ticket to a festival, info here.

I am terrible at computer art, I have the worst hand and eye for this type of thing.

and i am on my laptop.

So if this is anything other than terrible, it will be a miracle.

So yeah, that is pretty much the best entry they could possibly recieve. EVER.

If i don't win, this competition and the turner art prize with this entry, the world is against me. I'll keep you posted.


Comments (2)

I think you are very good at this actually!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hey, how about you doing a similar self portrait then??

I think I may well do. In addition I was thinking, I might do one based on the quote used in orange adverts at the moment. "I am who I am, because of everyone"