Thirst for Knowledge

Recently I have been having awful trouble just wanting to know more.

Usually I find this a great thing and will let myself immerse myself in the internet for a couple of hours before I let myself switch of and claim I'm bored. Boredom is something that rarely happens to me, and even though I might say it, it’s usually tiredness and not actually boredom what-so-ever.

However, this week, I’ve been finding out more about the internet. It started with something I started a while ago and not really pursued properly. My PR Company, now it was something that I set up with the best of intentions, and let it fall to the floor as uni work enraptured a relationship and I fell apart. Since this however, I have gotten back on my feet, and wanted to take the PR company and do something with it, I've also discovered a love for online marketing, and thinking creatively about ways to pursue this actively. This starts with market research and an understanding of what is out there.

Now since the summer, I have been doing work experience at another PR company which has given me a great taste and insight into project based work. I have gained an awful lot from this have gained a lot of practical research skills and the thirst to want to be better.

This has led me to wanting to understand blogs a bit better, now I'm certainly not claiming I do, BUT. I have found out an awful lot, and read an awful lot more than I have done so recently. Not to mention the video sites I am now aware of, and the social networking sites. There are hundreds of them, thousands, and that’s not mentioning blogs, or niche forums. So basically I have been looking at the usual methods of distribution (of the music industry) and wound out in massive circles from there to many start up websites, as well as sites that just increase web presence.

Everyone around me has been aware of the geeking out. The interesting part for me is, how I started off looking for exciting new ways to promote artists and websites set up to help me do this.

I’m swamped, I have spent a week finding out more than I ever knew about the internet, and yet I have become immersed in 18+ hour sessions at the computer and still getting distracted from the original point of what I was supposed to be doing. I’m not sleeping, and it’s not so much my insomnia keeping me awake at the moment, it’s just a thirst for knowledge, and a craving to want to get my ideas on paper.

Even this post, was going to be just for this link, which is where I will leave it. And it’s for my convenience. An interesting article on surprise and its impact on Word of mouth (or viral) marketing.

Right, now to get up, have a shower, and get out of the house. I must take pictures for today’s Challenge.

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