Southwell Challenge

I am getting a really mixed reaction from the people i started adding on Facebook, some really excited Southwell's who appeal to my sense of fun, others who question who i am (and fairly rightly so) but others who just add and don't reply to me at all.

I think i need to make a mission statement more succinct than how i have been trying to sell the idea to the people I'm adding, as i think i might be scaring them.

I want to... MEET other Southwell's, take a picture with them, and learn a bit about them.

I want to... VISIT places that are called SOUTHWELL. Streets, Avenues, Closeses, Roads and the Town in Northamptonshire.

I want to... MEET with as many other SOUTHWELL's as possible in the TOWN of SOUTHWELL by the end of the project. Bringing together namesakes in the name of fun, and making the world a happier place.

I want and hope to appeal to the childish side of the nation's and indeed the world's Southwell Population.

Get involved. And be friendly.


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