Silly Boy Project idiot : Re-Written And Re-Edited.

This is about me. It took a while to write and re-write so it made more sense than just being a splurge. It has ended up being much more intimate and exposing than i realised it would be. But to be frankly honest, it's better this way.

I keep having desires to play at silly boy projects, the latest is pretty small fry, although there is talks of ramping it up for mark II next spring.

This is of course the alphabet silly-ness. Alphabet Soup which is a quick look into how we ustilise social networking sites, and destorying the concept in our own little twist, a 26 day experiment that we are thinking of expanding into a much wider experiment after we finish this one. And would love to hear more feedback during the course of it.

This isn't about the Sober for November which occurred shortly before the conception of this blog. (it gave me the time to start thinking about who i am, and where i want to be, and i may yet write about that experience retrospectivley). The soberness by the way, I have stayed to the non-alcoholic drinks, much to the fun-poking it causes on nights out with the boys. (with the exception of two nights? Though i made the month comfortably, and though admittedly having ventured twice since, i have not enjoyed either occasion more than i would have done if i was drinking lemonade) So now i am feeling that i can live without drink and instead of being a 'bet' may become a lifestyle and habitual change. Anyway i digress....

My mind (now back in a more healthy?! State) wanders with the world as i think, and meanders crazily everywhere, which is only exacerbated by the internet. And tonight i just proved to myself that Google is not my friend. I ‘googled’ Southwell Road, as a matter of a joke, and i get the strange feeling that before too long there will be a nagging in my head telling me to go visit these places. There is about 7 in the vicinity of London and 7 more up in the Nottingham area. With a more detailed search of maps I’m sure I’d find a plethora more.

So Southwell Roads / Avenues / Streets / Hamlets may soon to be visited, and where do I limit it, London, the country, Britain? I’ve already started adding lots of other Southwell's on facebook, maybe I should invite them all to tea the little town of Southwell, near Nottingham and see how many turn up. But it scares me that I’m the only one that will find this really exciting. I don’t want to be rejected by fellow Southwell’s more than anyone else. I mean i know my mother actually created the name (as far as I’m aware from nowhere, regarding the family tree... so they aren’t my relations.) But it’s the closest I feel I have, not knowing my Father.

Asides this there is also my long talked about and short lived in real terms; project of visiting every tube station in London, but I’m feeling that I’m nearing the manning up age of 21, and I’m almost ready. Almost ready for this challenge. I’m pretty sure it must already have been done, but I want to do it and have the scrapbook with the photos to prove it.

I read today this article today, and it is an old article, but non-the-less rang bells to me. But this quote rang true. “Only goal setters who are goal writers are truly goal achievers.”
Quote from Darby Checketts’ Leverage: How to Create Your Own “Tipping Points” in Business And in Life

I will get ten or more photos of me at tube stations uploaded to the internet by the time my 21st birthday is over. Otherwise I will just be disappointed in myself. If that isn’t motivation I don’t know what else is.

I am a serial Boy project idiot. Thanks Danny Wallace and Dave Gorman, for making me just say yes to these notions that pop into my head, thank you for both Enriching and ruining my life.

There should be a little mention to a certain girl who I spent a large proportion of this year in a relationship with, we split up in late September, and only recently started getting back in touch.
She gave me food for thought, when she mentioned that next year would see her doing the things she told herself she would do even if it meant doing it on her own. I’ve sat around all year, thinking myself to be too old for these projects, but now I realise I’m young and need to enjoy myself more. So thank you Caitriona, I know you will probably never read this, but thank you, for posthumously giving life to me after our relationship failed. Which was probably due to my own lack of attention and complete obliviousness to it all. All I can offer the world and you, in time, is to have learnt from the situations provided in those lessons. And I do wish that we will grow to be friends in the future, but for now, I will do as you suggested that you yourself may do, and as this song quotes;

“Cause you’re free, To do what you want to do
You’ve got to live your life, Do what you want to do
Ultra Nate – Free

It also goes on to say; “If you gave more than you took, Life could be so good”

I think I like this song more than the 90s dance hit that we boogie to in clubs whenever we go out. It’s not a philosophical mantra in my mind. Not quite Budda, but makes you think.

This little post has just taught me something I didn’t know about myself, I think I am scared of succeeding and scared about being rejected, two things which I had previously thought myself immune to. Apparently not.

However this is the most revealing thing I’ve ever dared to write and upload onto the interweb. This is the first step in my overcoming of the above fear of succeeding, and rejection.


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Can we still be friends?

as long as you continue to bring a smile my way, i should think so.

Only ONE thing left to ask and THEN we are bezzies (subject to satisfactory answer):

What do you think of owls?

Owls are most disspointing creatures, we only get to see them when we are about to hit them in cars. the rest of the time they are sly creatures using their peripheral vision to make sure no one can see them as they keep me awake hooting and a tooting through the night.

correct Answer!!!!!
WE ARE BEZZIES!!!!!!!!!!