SAVE Tango - FUCK Smoothies.

I saw this earlier, and it’s taken over my day. The video has been on an almost constant repeat, except for watching old Tango adverts in between. The build up to this was fantastic, but i only now appricate its greatness. Three 10 second teasers for the campaign were :




I can’t stop thinking about the genius of this ploy. Main Video It’s got great campaign Tag Line: CAN FIST, even the website has funny little bylines that are completely morally object-able, but can’t help but bring a giggle to the surface.

‘Sod The Panda’

'The O-Zone isn't fizzy'

‘Giant Pandas don’t fit in vending machines’

‘You Cant Drink White Rhinos’

‘Rainforests Grow Back’

Tango is a drink that has always had great TV ads, and this one will likely remain on the web largely due to its length, but my goodness, it’s so politically incorrect and stands for everything that Tango has ever stood for. (and probably been told off for)

It’s nothing short of perfect.

I bring to you the ever politcally irreverent fizzzy drink Tango.


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