Collections of People

It dawns on me that today, i have more friends on facebook than pictures of myself.

Im not sure if this is good bad or ugly.

All i do know is that i have started to add lots of people with the same surname as myself.

This started me thinking... I've actually started to collect Southwell's.

Very few of which i will ever be related to. but is it ethical to collect people?

and more so... is it ethical to collect people with nothing more in common than a surname? i mean it then asks the question, what of double barrelled surnames, should i persecute against those, who took an extra name as well??

I'm unsure. I'm not even sure if i should be collecting Southwell's as a means to achieving my aim of getting a tea party in Southwell (nottinghamshire) with other Southwell's.

Maybe next year i'll start collecting old people, though it would be much easier to find them, maybe not to round them up.

If i get a duplicate, i'd have to find someone else who collects people to try and swap with them.

look this ones shiny. i'll shout after wrapping an 87 year old in tin foil.

erm. so. collecting people. good or not? The second Hobby in this video is genius. i mean pure genius. i love it. drink you weak lemon drink now.

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