Coin Sets : Rummaging Through my loose change

Why this started: Coin Set : 2008
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Admittedly i do have a fair amount of loose change lying around, I've been saving all the coins that i can. (to the tune of too much to carry to the bank in one go)

this is where i stand so far in collecting sets from every year since i was born, the ones written in are the ones i still need. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN:

1p: I've got them all. Pokemon master style.
2p: 1991
5p: (i've not checked through the bags yet)
10p: 2008 non graphic 'old' design
20p: 2008 (non graphic)
50p: 1992, 1994, 2007, (2008 - non graphic design)
£1: 1988 (very rare), 1991, 1992, 2007, (2008 - non graphic design)
£2: (started in 1997) 1997, 2000, 2007 (although i do have the 2007 Scout design)

This actually took a lot of research to find out why there were so many missing.

How much do you know about sterling??

Here are a few facts i found along the way.

In terms of legal tender, Coin money is only legal for upto the amount you can take to bags to the bank. e.g. if you took £1.99 worth of single pennies to a shop and tried to pay, they can legally refuse.

At certain times during the last 5 years, 1p & 2p coins have been worth more than their face value in metal. though the effort described, makes it seem less likely to cash in on it than it would seem.

No 5p's were made in 1993, due to the 2 billion of the newly sized coin made in 1990-1992.

In 1992, over a billion 10p peices were made to shift the old 5p out of the system. Over half of our 10p's now in circulation are thought to still be the 1992 version.

The twenty pence coin was the only coin (until the £2 coin) that displayed the mint date on the back (reverse) of the coin, as apposed to the obverse, with the face of the Queen on every other coin. However, now due to the new designs, it now appears on the obverse like all the other coins. The twenty pence piece is also more expensive to make than the bigger 50p because of its alloy make up.

The Fifty Pence piece, wasn't made between the years of 1986-1991 and then a limited run of 100,000 pieces were made in 1992. (so probably only collectors have them) Also none were made in 1993, or 1995 or 1996. In 1997 the size was reduced a little, and put into reproduction and became more popular than ever.

My birth year, 1988, the £1 coins are extremely rare to be seen in circulation, with only 7 million ever made. It is fairly similar in looks to the brand new ones, but please if you see one, please either keep it for your own good or pass it to me. No £1 coins were minted in the years of 1998 and 1999.

£2 coins were only minted in their current guide in 1997. They have been subject to many special designs, and continue to do so with two new designs in 2009, one of which being a fantastic tribute to Darwin.

The £5 coin of course is nothing but a rip off, and for collectors only.


I just thought it would be fun, I didn't realise it would keep me up all night.

Why this started : Coin Set : 2008
See my other Current Challenge : Alphabet Soup

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